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Services & Amenities

As we are travelers ourselves, we know that it might be difficult sometimes to find all the amenities you need for your comfortable stay. Here we list a few so that you do not need to spent overmuch time searching for them.


It is essential to know who to contact and where to drive when there is a problem of any kind. Here is the list of emergency services with contacts and their location: 


Call: 17

Rue Blanche de Castille 3,

La Chapelle la Reine

Call: 18

Rue de Villione,

La Chapelle la Reine

Call: 15

Boulevard du Maréchal Joffre 55


Food and Groceries 

You will find most of the services in Mallesherbes and the closest supermarket is Intermarche at the southwestern end of Mallesherbes. Little further is E.Lerclerc and further still a Carrefour Supermarket.


If you have just run out of tobacco or alcohol, need some basic food or local products there is a small store in the village of Boulancourt only about 200m from Boulder Base. You can even order fresh bread for the next day or buy one directly if you are lucky.

Restaurants and Cafes

There are couple of restaurants and cafes in Mallesherbes along the main road through the town. If you want to combine having a good lunch while climbing, then just park at Auberge Canard in Buthiers, the restaurant has a pleasant cuisine and during the warm season it has an open terrace right by the boulders. If you fancy something posh, than there is Chateu D´Augerville at the southern end of Boulancourt with a great restaurant, chocolaterie and other comforts along with a large golf course.

Climbing gear shopping

Nothing is worse on a climbing trip, than when you run out of chalk, ruin your climbing shoes, break a brush, loose a rag or need a mile of tape for your bleeding fingers. We can help you with all these and more directly as we have a small in-house store of the most basic stuff such as Friction Labs chalk and Ocun climbing shoes and accessories. You can buy these with discount as our guests. You can order more items at our eshop and have it delivered before,during or after your stay.

If our offer does not satisfy all your needs there are couple of outdoor gear shops in Fontainebleau, a big Decathlon in the shopping mall near Villiers-en-Biere or most of the climbing gyms have their own small stores.

Climbing gyms

You can arrange almost everything these days, but you can not arange for the perfect weather. If a longer rainy period plagues your stay it is good to know other options of how to ruin your skin and make your muscules ache. We plan to build a "pain room" with some basic training tools in stead of garage at Boulder Base with campus board and other "torturing equipment" for training in near future.


If you need more then a good oldschool trainin session. There is a climbing gym 5 minutes by car in Buthiers ( a world class Karma bouldering gym in Fontainebleau ( or a large bouldering gym Bloc-Out Évry ( approximately 45minutes by car.

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